BWR-04 Series 
Transformer Winding Temperature Thermometer
    Model BWR-04 series transformer winding temperature indicator is special designed for oil transformer. It is a special-purpose indicator using the simulated temperature measurement technique to measure the temperature of the winding of transformer.
T1 is the temperature of transformer winding which is T1=T2+△T, where, T2 is the oil temperature in upper part of the transformer, △T is the raise of oil temperature. The △T decided by the electricity of the transformer winding. After the transformer is loaded, the current which is taken form the current transformer (CT) is first adjusted by the converter, and then flows through the heating element embedded in the elastic unit, where, the current is proportional to the load. The energy produced by the heating element increases the displacement of he elastic unit; therefore, the displacement of the elastic unit depends not only on the oil temperature of the transformer upper part but also the loading current. The temperature indicated by the BWR-04 is the summation of the oil temperature of transformer upper part and the winding temperature rise over oil, reflection the average value of the hottest portion temperature of the measured transformer winding.

Main Technical Parameters:
   1、Normal operating conditions: (-40~+55)℃
   2、Range of measurement: 0℃~150℃
   3、Indicative accuracy: ±3℃
   4、Control capability
     (1). Setting range: adjustable within the whole span
     (2). Setting accuracy: ±3℃
     (3). Switch difference: 6±2℃
     (4). Rated power of switch: AC 250V/15A
    (5). Standard set Point:
  K1=55℃ K2=75℃ K3=90℃ K4=130℃
   5、Protection grade:IP55

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