XMT-288F(C) series
Digital Display Thermoregulator
  XMT-288F(C) series digital display thermoregulator are our specially designed complete sets to electrical transformers. Connected with a BWY(WTYK)-802A or 803A Thermoregulator, the XMT-288F(C) can take remote measurement and control of the oil temperature in an electrical transformer. The series thermoregulator include two models of XMP-288F and XMT-288FC, of which the latter can output the standard signals including DC(0-5)V,DC(1-5)V or DC(4-20)mA, and XMT-288FC-II owns port RS485 or RS232 to link with a computer directly, XMT-288FC-III matching with BWR-04 winding transformer controller.

Main Technical Parameters:
    1、 Input signal: Pt 100, DC(4-20)mA
    2、 Measuring range: 0~100℃ 0~120℃ 0~150℃ -20~80℃
    3、 Accuracy: 1.0 grade
    4、 Display modes: 0.8”×7 nixie tube
    5、 Resolution ratio: 0.1℃
    6、 Setting range: adjustable within the whole span
    7、 Contact output: both upper and low limit alarms with a set of normally opened or closed contacts each
    8、 Contact capacity: 220VAC3A
    9、 Standard signal output (confined to XMP-288FC):
     (1). DC: DC (0-5)V, DC(1-5)V or DC(4-20)mA
     (2). Communication port: RS485, RS232 (XMT-288FC-II)
     (3). The signal output of 4-20mADC allows a load resistance of 250-350Ω
    10、 Power supply: 220VAC, 50Hz
    11、 Power rating: 6W
    12、 Working environment:
     (1). Ambient temperature: (-10-50)℃
     (2). Ambient humidity: <80% RH
    13、 Outline dimension: 160mm wide and 80mm high with 125mm deep dimension of open pore: 150mm wide and 76mm high

Products Introduction:
   XMT-288 series digital display thermoregulator

    Model BWPK-802 Transformer Thermometer is suitable to take measurement and control of the temperature of various transformer. The Model features sensitive reaction, clear indication, convenient installation, high reliability, maximum temperature record and outdoor employment, etc. The case of BWPK-802 is made of stainless steel with a good-looking appearance and long working lifespan.

Products Introduction: 

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