WTZ-288 & WTZK-02 Series Thermometer
    Model WTZ-288 thermometer is suitable to within 16 m, Measuring range is (+20℃~+120℃) with no cauterization occasion in measuring and controlling. Model WTZ-288 series contact thermometer adopts the elements of pressure thermometer, it has a handy structure, use simple and convenient、the low price and so on.

Main Technical Parameters:
    1、 The temperature dimension and measuring rage:
    Dimension range: -20~+60 0~100 20~120
    Measuring range: 20~60 40~100 60~120
    2、 Indicative accuracy: 1.5 grade
    3、 Trail length(m): 3,5,10,16.(According to the clients request, If it isn’t show clearly the length,according to 5m)

 Products Introduction:   
   MODEL WTZ-288 series contact thermometer

WTZK-02 Temperature Thermoregulator
    Model WTZK-02 temperature thermoregulator is suitable to measurement of the temperature of transformer or other liquid air and steam. When the measured temperature reaches or exceeds the set value, it will send out a signal. It is suitable for measurement and control of the oil temperature of transformer over 500KVA.

Main Technical Parameters:
    1、 Measuring scope: (0~100)℃
    2、 Indicative accuracy: 1.5 grade
    3、 Switch function
     (1). Setting accuracy: ±3℃
     (2). Switch difference: 6±2℃
     (3). Rated power of switch: AC 250V/3A
    4、 Bulb dimension:φ14×150
    5、 Installing dimension of bulb: Male thread M27×2、G1/2、G3/4、1/2BSP、3/4BSP
    6、 Installing dimension of gauge: 144×210
    7、 Standard preset value of switch: First limit:55℃、Second limit:80℃
If users need to change the value of set points, please take off the meter cover, stir the setting needles to set value planned, after this close the cover.

Products Introduction:
   WTZK-02 Thermometer

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