BYYU Matching Instrment Of Box-type Transformer
BWS-70 Transformer Thermometer
YZ-70 Transformer Vacuum Manometer
UHZ-01 Oil Level Gauge
YSF Series Pressure Release Valve

    The BWS-70 Transformer Thermometer is designed to indicate the oil temperature of a transformer. This gauge has the features of sensitivity, clear reading, simple structure and high reliability, etc. The case of the gauge is made of stainless steel, so it has fine-looking appearance and long service life.
The YZ-70 vacuum manometer is a special attachment to a padmount power transformer. It can directly reflect the pressure changes in a transformer due to the temperature changing, hence for users to monitor the running of transformer.
The UHZ Oil Level Gauge is designed to indicate the oil level of either an small or medium oil-immersed transformer. Compared to a glass gauge, the UHZ has the features of safety, direct-viewing, reliability, longevity, etc.
The YSF Pressure Release Valve is designed to protect transformer tank against excessive pressure in it. Once the pressure in the tank reaches the release pressure, the valve will open automatically in an instant to release the gases until the pressure drops under the release pressure. In addition, whenever necessary, users are allowed to open the YSF by pulling its hoop out to reduce the pressure.

Main Technical Parameters:
BWS-70 Transformer Thermometer:
    1、 Ambient temperature measuring rage: (-10~130)℃
    2、 Accuracy: 2.5grade
    3、 Ambient temperature: (-40~+55)℃
    4、 Pressure: 1.6 MPa
Products Introduction:
   BWS—70 Series

YZ-70 Vacuum Manometer
    1、 Indicating range: (-0.04~0.04) MPa (determined by consumer)
    2、 Accuracy: 2.5 grade
    3、 Ambient temperature: (-40~80)℃, Ambient humidity: ≤80%
    4、 Dial diameter: φ70
    5、 Joint: M27×2 adjustable screw
Products Introduction:

UHZ Oil Level Gauge
    1、 Ambient temperature: (-40~80)℃
    2、 Ambient humidity: ≤90% at T=25℃
    3、 Altitude: ≤2000m
    4、 Neither sharp shake nor high magnetic-field around the mounting position
    5、 Be mounted perpendicularly to the tank
Products Introduction:
   UHZ-01 Oil Level Gauge

YSF Pressure Release Valve
    1、 Standard Release Pressure:
P=0.03±0.01Mpa: P=0.06±0.01MPa
Note: Other models with specified release pressure are also available on demand
    2、 Standard Mounting screw: 1/4 – 18NPT
Note: Other mounting screws are also available on demand
    3、 Ambient temperature (-40~80)℃,Ambient humidity <95%
Products Introduction:
   YSF Pressure Release Valve

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