Company profile
    This is a high-Tech company certified by ISO 9001:2008, and an AAA Class Trustworthy enterprise rated by Zhejiang province.
    It is a professional manufacturer of various type temperature meters/instruments for power transformers. Its pillar products are transformer winding thermometers, oil surface thermometers and digital temperature measuring meters/instruments. It belongs to “ Photoelectricity integrative technology and products”. Used to test the oil-immersed、tank type transformer winding temperature. Oil temperature、oil level、pressure and so on parameter.
    The transformer temperature controller adopts composite sensing technology to display field temperature and output Pt 100 thermal resistance signals or DC standard signals to meet the requirement of unattended substation intelligent control. Its transformer winding thermometers and oil-surface temperature controllers lead the domestic same trade and are up to the prevail standard of the similar products worldwide. It has 45% in similar products domestic quantities.
    Currently, the company has 90 employees, among which 35% are of professional personnel with college and university background. Its annual production and intelligent property products account for 60% and 50%,respectirely.
Key products are:
    1. BWR 04 type transformer winding thermometers
    2. BWY-802、803、804 Series transformer oil-surface thermometers
    3. XMT-288F(C)transformer electronic thermometers
    4. WTZK-02 type temperature controllers
    5. BYYU American tank type transformer meters/instruments(bimetallic thermometers, vacuum pressure meters,oil level gauges, pressure relieve valves)
    6. BWS-01、10、11 type transformer oil temperature gauges and oil level gauges
    7. Various bimetallic pressure type temperature meters/instruments
    Guided by the policy of“quality first and close to clients”,the company keeps developing new transformer components and provides top quality services to the power transmission and transforming industries.

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